Lake Houston Area Profile


Aerial shot of Lake Houston

Population 291,804 | Median Age: 34.2

In the past decade, the Lake Houston area has emerged as an increasingly prominent business community receiving millions of dollars of new and diverse investments. The fastest-growing section of the Houston Metro is home to a strong workforce and a wide array of industries- including healthcare, retail, life sciences, and headquarters operations.

Ranked as one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, our labor pool is essential to the innovation and drive that our state’s economy benefits from. With a median age of 34.2, numerous high-performance education and research institutions, and a plethora of job training support organizations, Lake Houston’s workforce provide opportunities for business owners to create, grow and compete in a global economy.

In addition to the many educational opportunities and infrastructure advancements, Houston has continued to be considered as one of the most diverse cities in America – where nearly one in four residents are foreign-born and more than 145 languages are spoken. Located in the outskirts of downtown Houston, Lake Houston has steadily grown and expanded to make it one of the top spots for newcomers and large organizations.