My investment helps me grow my business & network. I love it here! I’m a people’s person, so I love meeting people, and connecting with our community. Being part of the Partnership has helped me meet other business owners in our community and make amazing connections.

Zoraya Vela

Zoraya Houston Realtor

Partnership Lake Houston is your one stop shop for making new friends and building business relationships that last a lifetime. It is the epicenter of economic development and the heartbeat of our community.

Danny Sullivan

Sullivan’s Advanced Paint & Body

Partnership Lake Houston has played a critical role in various business and community initiatives to improve our quality of life and business retention. I’ve had the privilege of serving on various committees that are lead by incredible people. I know the staff and volunteers are invested in the Lake Houston area.

Asdrubal “Dru” Gutierrez

MUD 152

The most important benefit of being a member of Partnership Lake Houston is having opportunities to meet and get to know other business owners and professionals in our area, which helps to expand my networking and my business contact list. Being involved in Partnership Lake Houston has helped us grow our business. We have also grown personally through our friendships in the Partnership.

Connie Chandler

Minuteman Press Humble

Texas Emergency Care Center chooses to invest in Partnership Lake Houston because they play a vital role in the community. Partnering with PLH provides us a way to connect and give back to our immediate and surrounding areas. PLH has allowed me to network with women in various fields where we have the opportunity to converse, share ideas, and support one another.

Savannah Dixon

Texas Emergency Care Center

I am honored to be selected as Ambassador for Partnership Lake Houston. This opportunity has given me many avenues to share my business with our community. My investment in the Partnership has been priceless. . With the help from the outstanding staff at Partnership Lake Houston, I have been able to grow my network, meet new business owners, attend many ribbon cutting/ground breaking ceremonies, and build amazing new relationships in our community. Thank you Partnership Lake Houston for helping me grow my business.

Kimberly Davidson

Serna Insurance, Inc

I invest in Partnership Lake Houston because they provide immeasurable resources for our community. They care about small businesses and help them get noticed in the community, They provide resources and represent the area in both the State Legislature and in Washington DC. We can do more together than we can do alone. I have been a proud member and supporter for years! I love meeting business people, getting to know what they do, and share what I do.

Dr. Polly Heil-Mealey

Abundant Health and Wellness Center

I invested in Partnership Lake Houston because I love being out and supporting other new and upcoming businesses. I enjoy being at the ribbon cuttings and events and welcoming others to our beautiful community. Partnership Lake Houston has enabled me to learn more about what is around my surrounding area. I’ve become more educated with our politics, education system, and economic development. They have also been an amazing platform for the voice of my business.

Kendal Bond

Aflac Agent

Partnership Lake Houston allows me to stay connected with local area businesses and leaders. I am always in the know of upcoming opportunities and events in the community and have been able to have a vast network, both professionally and personally. I have proudly represented our community via Partnership Lake Houston as an Ambassador since 2019. In doing so, I have been afforded many opportunities and have been involved directly with the leaders of our area’s businesses. This has made for lasting relationships and referral partners, helping to broaden my network in the real estate and title industry. I was among the select few to be chosen to participate in the Leadership Lake Houston program as well, the Divine Class 9! This opportunity not only helped me to grow professionally with the vast network of alumni, but also helped me get hands-on and a behind the scenes look into the actual operations of our community. In turn, this allowed me to get involved personally with many of the awesome non-profits we have right here locally, allowing me to selflessly invest and give where I live.

Brittany-Kay P. Martinez

Great American Title Company