Third Coast Bank SSB


Organization Overview

Third Coast Bank SSB was established in March of 2008 by a group of local organizers seeking to create a relationship oriented bank committed to the local community. Our focus is to serve clients in Southeast Texas, primarily the Houston and Beaumont markets, focusing on small to medium sized businesses, business executives, professionals, and individual consumers.
Ileana Menendez VP Business Development Officer
Art Aguilar Vice President, Commercial Lender
Bart Caraway CEO
David Doyle Controller
Jamie Lee
Jan Winn Vice President
Jessica Svetlik HR Manager
Joe Stunja Executive Vice President-Business Development
Laura Sims Negri Marketing Director
Norma Galloway Houston Market President
Rick Ulloa Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
Sarah Natho Controller
Scott Johnson Business Developer
Tim Baker SVP Commercial Lending
plh Logo Market Investor