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#LivesOverLevels Update: Outcome of SJRA Vote to Lower Lake Conroe

SJRA Board Approves the Temporary and Seasonal Lowering of Lake Conroe

On February 20, the SJRA Board approved the temporary and seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe through December 2022.

The temporary seasonal lowering will begin in the spring on April 1 with SJRA gradually reducing the lake to an elevation of 200 ft-msl. This strategy is no different to 2019 Spring Mitigation Strategy.

In the fall, SJRA voted to continue at the elevation of 200 ft-msl from August 1 to August 31. Then after September 1, SJRA will lower the elevation to 199.5 ft-msl until September 30. The SJRA also voted that the City of Houston has the option to lower the lake level 6 more inches in the event of a named storm. This is effective through December 2022.

The Lake Houston Area Chamber has been advocating to renew the temporary, seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe to increase capacity in the lake and reduce the need for high volume releases which flow into the embattled West Fork of the San Jacinto River. The Chamber has worked in conjunction with area elected officials through its Long Term Recovery Task Force since 2017 on the strategy and has twice been successful, securing the lowering protocol in 2018 and 2019.

On January 6 the Chamber launched their #LivesOverLevels campaign requesting for the SJRA Board to once again approve the seasonal lowering for 2020. The campaign was in response to a group of homeowners around Lake Conroe who began advocating against the lake lowering strategy.


Lowering the pool level is the responsible course of action for the following reasons:

Lowering Lake Conroe reduces the risk of downstream flooding

The Board’s decision to temporarily and seasonally lower Lake Conroe has undoubtedly helped mitigate flooding in the Lake Houston Area, as was the case during the May 10, 2019 rain event. SJRA data from the May 2019 floods show that had no releases occurred prior to the event, Lake Conroe would have been forced to release at a higher CFS during the event. This is extremely important because the West Fork of the San Jacinto River at US HWY 69 went into the moderate flood stage on Friday (5/3), on Tuesday (5/7) and Friday (5/10). Should Lake Conroe have been forced to release more water than it did, the Lake Houston Area would have experienced additional flooding. Lowering Lake Conroe protected numerous lives, homes and businesses; the actions by both the SJRA Board and Staff are to be commended for this.

It is a reasonable TEMPORARY solution while work continues on permanent infrastructure

Seasonal lowering would end when the Lake Houston Gate Project Is complete and operational. In August 2019, FEMA awarded a $47 million grant with a 36-month timeline to install 10 gates on the Lake Houston Dam. The Lake Houston Dam project will allow the Coastal Water Authority to release larger amounts of water from Lake Houston ahead of heavy rains and to better coordinate water management with the SJRA. The 36-month timeline for the gates project to be completed began in 2019 with the project set for completion in 2022. It has never been requested, nor expected that the lowering of Lake Conroe would be a permanent solution.

It prioritizes the protection of life and property above access to recreation

Our area suffered drowning and storm related deaths from Hurricane Harvey and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages; not to mention the long-term mental suffering and fear that numerous residents and children are living with and suffering from to this day. Being unable to enjoy recreational activities on Lake Conroe and Lake Houston is a temporary inconvenience. However, that inconvenience does not compare to the potential for loss of lives, homes and businesses. Access to lake recreation should never be at the expense of endangering lives downstream especially considering the Charter of the SJRA states that its express purpose was for responsible water management.

The temporary, seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe satisfies Governor Abbott’s March 2018 directives

SJRA data has proven lake lowering prevented flooding in May 2019 with no detrimental impact to residents on Lake Conroe. If the Board chooses to not continue lowering Lake Conroe, it would be out of compliance with Governor Abbott’s mandate and require the SJRA to implement another initiative immediately. Lowering Lake Conroe on a temporary and seasonal basis not only satisfies Governor Abbott’s directives and has proven to help prevent downstream flooding, while yielding no harmful impact to residents around Lake Conroe. Although a brief inconvenience to recreational life for those living on Lake Conroe, the benefits of lowering the lake are too large to ignore.

It complements Harris County’s and the City of Houston’s efforts to mitigate flooding in the Lake Houston Area through numerous infrastructure improvements

The City of Houston is doing its part by also lowering Lake Houston in order to mitigate flooding. In the past two years, Lake Houston has lowered ahead of rain events on nine separate occasions. Much like residents who live on Lake Conroe, residents on Lake Houston are frequently inconvenienced by not being able to use the lake recreationally.

Area officials rallied to secure the funding for the Lake Houston gates and reduced the initial implementation timeline of 10 years down to three years. They’ve also continuously worked to secure dredging operations on the West Fork of the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston as well as advocating for upstream detention.

The SJRA has also been a partner throughout this process. The SJRA has participated, engaged and collaborated with our Lake Houston Area, working alongside our officials to secure projects.

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