Focus on Federal with Dan Crenshaw - Conversation Recap

Focus on Federal Government presented by Planet Ford of Humble

Guest speaker: US Congressman Dan Crenshaw

August 26, 2021

Topics covered by US Congressman Dan Crenshaw included

  • The State of Afghanistan as of August 26, 2021, including troop evacuation
  • The COVID surge and Governor Abbott’s stance on mask mandates
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure spending bill, reconciliation package and HR 4
  • Healthcare policies and Medicare
  • Flood projects in the district remain biggest priority



What’s really happening on the ground in Afghanistan?

What can be done to help the worker shortage crisis?

What are you seeing nationally in terms of people moving across country for better taxes and business climates?

As we see more people coming from California and the east and west coast, do you foresee a shift in politics?

What are the consequences of the PPP loans being forgiven?

What can be done to protect our north American oil production so that we don’t have to rely on the foreign sources?

Will there be more tax hikes with the new infrastructure bill?

How will this affect the corporate tax rate?

Can you expand on what is happening with voter rights, the Supreme Court and voter suppression?

What opportunities do you seem coming down the road for some bipartisan legilslation?

What would you tell the younger generation about the democratic process?

Why is our democratic process and American great in the way you see it?




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