Partnership Profiles: Stander & Company

Partnership Profiles: Stander & Company

Nicholas Stander, Owner interviewed by Jenna Armstrong, Partnership CEO

“We knew we were always going to be heavy in strategy. You know, strategy is where my passions lie– entrepreneurial strategy in particular. I love small businesses; I grew up in them and so there was no looking back for me after I worked for my first big entrepreneurial, fast growing companies and finding great people. I knew that I wanted to support that. I wanted to take the talents that we had and find a way to help other entrepreneurs make their dreams reality.”



Interview questions:

  1. When people hear Stander & Company, they think of Bookkeeping and Accounting. But you actually have a holistic approach when working with clients from offering insurance services, marketing, social media and website development. Tell us how this vision unfolded.
  2. Entrepreneurs are visionary. But we see a lot of entrepreneurs challenged when it comes to the implementation of this vision. How did you evolve your business and build your team to fulfill this vision?
  3. Tell us about the role you played in supporting your clients during the pandemic.
  4. Before the pandemic was Hurricane Harvey. And before Harvey, there were several incidents of flooding or disaster. We saw so many small businesses struggle through these disasters. And let’s be honest, this will likely not be the last disaster or struggle businesses endure during their business lifecycle. What is your advice for small businesses on how to be best prepared for the unknown?

About Stander and Company:

“For more than a decade, Stander & Company has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to businesses and individuals. Stander & Company’s expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as financial planning, ERP Implementations, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Strategic Consulting.

Not just another CPA or accounting firm, Stander & Company brings operational and financial expertise to the table so that you get the most out of your organization. As entrepreneurs, we understand that you are your business. We are passionate about our clients and work with them as team members so that you get the support that you and your business deserve.”


Contact Info:


315 E Main St.

Humble, TX 77338


(281) 354-0700