FM 1960 - Harris County Project Update

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This information was sent by Danny Perez of TxDOT



The FM 1960 corridor between BF 1960A and Lake Houston is being reconstructed by two TxDOT projects. Section A was awarded to Angel Bros. Holdings Corp. under CSJ 1685-03-058 in July 2020 for $58.2 M. Section B was awarded to Webber, LLC under CSJ 1685-03-098 in September 2020 for $70.0 M. The projects will improve safety, accommodate population growth, enhance mobility, and improve connectivity in the local area.



The project improvements include a total reconstruction of the corridor to create a divided roadway with a raised median and turn lanes. Section B also includes a new grade separation (bridge) at Lake Houston Parkway and a new bridge crossing over Rogers Gully. Roadway improvements include replacement of the existing asphalt pavement with reinforced concrete pavement and storm sewer, traffic signal, pavement markings, and signage improvements. Five-foot wide sidewalks will be constructed for both westbound and eastbound directions. Utility adjustments are well underway for both projects. The contractor will be mobilizing in the near future to begin clearing and preliminary work for Section B. The contractor mobilized for Section A on January 18, 2021. They are nearing completion of clearing operations and have begun the three eastbound sound walls.



  • From Monday through Saturday the projects will have standard construction work hours (from dawn until dusk) with weekend and nighttime work as
  • Both projects are expected to take three and half years to



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